BC Online 50/50 Raffle House Rules


The 50/50 Raffle (the "Raffle") shall be conducted by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind ("CNIB") (the "50/50 Licensee") pursuant to a license (the "License") from the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch ("GBEP") and in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada, BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch Raffle Terms and conditions, and the terms of the 50/50 Raffle Licensee Agreement between the 50/50 Licensee and ASCENDFS Canada, Ltd. (the "Service Provider").

Date and Location of Draw:

The draw location will take place at the CNIB Foundation Office, located at Royal City Center Shopping Mall 201 – 610 6th Street, New Westminster on Friday, December 11, 2020 at 10:00AM as listed in the License #127005 (the "50/50 Licensed Event(s)").


These are the official 50/50 Raffle Rules and are available upon request. They will also be posted on the raffle website located at www.bc5050.cnib.ca


Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. Members of the organization (CNIB) responsible for the conduct and management of the ticket raffle and employees of contracted gaming services providers (ASCENDFS Canada, Ltd.) are NOT eligible to participate (defined as a purchase tickets or receive prizes) in the 50/50 Raffle. Each ticket sold shall be eligible to participate in the draw conducted under the authority of the License.

Minors/ Children:

BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch requests that ticket sellers advise adult ticket purchasers not to give their ticket to a person under the age of eighteen (19) years as required by the Public Trustees Act.


Ticket pricing shall be: i. Regular: Ten dollars ($10.00) for five (5) tickets
ii. Discount 1: Twenty dollars ($20.00) for twenty (20) tickets
iii. Discount 2: Fifty dollars ($50.00) for one hundred (100) tickets
Purchasers of raffle tickets must be 19 years of age or older and are in British Columbia.

No Refunds:

All ticket sales are final. Once a ticket has been purchased, refunds will not be granted. The only exception would be in the unlikely event the raffle is cancelled. At that point BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement rules and guidelines will be followed for proper reimbursement to all ticket buyers. The liability of the licensee of this raffle shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket(s).

Selection of the Winner:

The Draw will take place at 10 a.m. on Friday, December 11, 2020, at the CNIB Foundation Office, located at Royal City Center Shopping Mall 201 – 610 6th Street, New Westminster

The Draw shall be conducted as follows:

Upon the conclusion of the Purchase Period, which will commence at 12:01am on Monday, November 2, 2020 and conclude at 11:59pm on Thursday, December 10, 2020 CNIB Foundation will use the System to randomly generate one winning ticket number from among the numbers associated with purchased tickets. The Raffle will be conducted by a senior CNIB Foundation staff member and supervised by a member of the Board of Directors of CNIB Foundation, and the decisions of that person shall be final and binding. The number of the winning Raffle Ticket will be posted on www.bc5050.cnib.ca and made available by calling the CNIB Office at 604-431-2121.

Winner Notification:

Once the 50/50 winning ticket has been drawn, the winning ticket number will be:
1. Posted to the CNIB website www.bc5050.cnib.ca ,
2. Posted on the CNIB BC Yukon social media pages which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Should a Prize be unclaimed during the time allotted, 30 days after the close of ticket sales on December 10, 2020, the Prize will be forfeited, In the event the Prize is unclaimed, the Prize shall be cumulatively added to the Prize of the next 50/50 Licensed draw event in 2021.
Once the 50/50 winner has been verified by producing the winning ticket, the winner is paid by cheque in the amount of the declared prize, which is 50% of the total sales for the raffle. The cheque will be mailed to their home address, upon producing verifiable identification. The winner must provide his/ her name, address and phone number, email along with picture identification. This information is used solely for reporting purposes.

Changes to Raffle and License:

In the event that the (ERS) – Ascend software system is unavailable at the time the ticket sales period commences due to technical difficulties, service interruptions, system changes or other technological problems, CNIB Foundation will immediately report the issue to the Gaming and Policy Enforcement Branch Certification and Game Integrity Unit. The raffle will then be suspended until the problem can be remedied.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event of a cancellation or suspension, CNIB Foundation reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to elect to identify a winner and award the prize by way of random drawing from among all non-suspect, eligible entries received up to the time of such cancellation or suspension.

The Prize:

The Prize will be 50% of the gross revenue from all tickets sold. Prize is not transferable and must be accepted as awarded with no substitutions, except at the 50/50 Licensee's sole discretion. The Prize shall be paid by cheque from the 50/50 Licensee (CNIB Foundation). The designated 50/50 ticket is the only valid receipt for claiming the Prize.
Unauthorized persons copying, selling, or altering tickets are subject to prosecution. A 50/50 Raffle ticket will be void and a Prize not paid/redeemed if there is proof that the ticket was stolen, not issued, ineligible, altered, counterfeit, defective, printed in duplicate, or printed/produced in error. The Service Provider and the 50/50 Licensee are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or tickets redeemed in error by their agents. All tickets, transactions and winners associated with the 50/50 Raffle are subject to the rules, regulations and procedures put in place by the 50/50 Licensee and the lawful charges thereof. If more than one (1) 50/50 Raffle ticket containing the winning ticket number is presented, the winning ticket will be deemed to be the original ticket and not the ticket(s) containing the words "reprinted ticket" (the Reprinted Ticket"). If a Reprinted Ticket is presented and no original ticket is also presented, then the Reprinted Ticket will be deemed to be the winning ticket. The licensed charity and the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between different persons purchasing one ticket.


The 50/50 Licensee may rescind, cancel, amend or revoke the Raffle, subject to the prior approval of the BC Gaming and Policy Enforcement Branch. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the 50/50 Licensee reserves the right to cancel or modify the Raffle and/or these Official Rules, in whole or in part and without notice, if the 50/50 Licensee determines that fraud or technical or other failures have threatened or destroyed the integrity of the Raffle.

Contact Information:

This Raffle is being administered by The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). Complaints, comments, or concerns should be addressed to Shalon Morrison at 604-431-2121 or Shalon.Morrison@cnib.ca. Reference BC Gaming Event License Number 127005